13-14 Weeks: Things keep growing


This week was another routine check-up prior to our travels to Germany for the holidays.

Once again, the doctors immediately commented on the size of belly. Based on the positioning of the upper part of my uterus, I appear to be at least 24 weeks pregnant. That certainly makes me wonder what I’ll look like when I actually am 24 weeks pregnant!

My doctor again tried to locate the baby’s heartbeat. We all had high hopes, as now the baby was certainly large enough to have a detectable heartbeat. Unfortunately, we were unable to hear the heartbeat. This was probably because the fibroid was blocking the baby’s heart.

Another ultrasound was ordered for the next day to confirm the pregnancy was still viable, and to do measurements on both the baby and the fibroid.

The ultrasound confirmed that the baby was healthy and was growing as expected. It was quite impressive to see how much our little one had grown and changed in the course of just a couple of weeks.

We also learned that the fibroid was also growing. The fibroid was now measuring at least 16cm at its greatest diameter. A true measurement was unable to be obtained since the edges stretched beyond the view of the ultrasound.

The doctors were a bit concerned about our travels to Germany given this news, but still gave me the “A-OK” to fly.

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