Baby’s Coming Any Day Now

We’re down to the point where we have switched from counting weeks until the baby arrives to days until the baby arrives.

I have a few busy days ahead of me with end-of-the-year celebrations at school, packing up my classroom, and finishing grades. Still, I wanted to be sure that we got the opportunity to take photos of my belly. This has been something we’ve already been delaying for a few weekends. Finally we were able to squeeze this photo session in on Sunday.

We went to the rose garden by Lake Harriet, and tried to get some photos at one of the pedestrian bridges over Minnehaha Creek. There were a lot of people out, and thanks to the floods, many of the paths were closed. This meant we were constantly being interrupted by joggers and bicyclists trying to find an open path. Despite this, I think we got some really good photos. Here’s just a sampling of them:






We can’t wait to meet Tiny any day now!

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