Henry’s New Hairstyle

Henry takes showers with Adam rather than baths. Showers were recommended to us by our baby class instructor. About half of the couples in the class were on-board with the idea; the other half couldn’t comprehend taking a shower with a slippery baby. (What if you dropped it?!?) We had never heard of showering with a baby up to this point, but we decided it was worth a try.

Henry loves taking showers. Just the sound of the water running is enough to put him in a trance. Then add in the warm water running down his body and he is one happy kid. It doesn’t bother him either to have the water splash on his face. Hopefully this attitude towards water will carry-through once he learns to swim.

One night after his shower I decided to comb his hair into a mohawk. I forgot how quickly his hair dries, and also didn’t realize how well his hair would hold in a new position. Needless to say,¬†Henry was stuck with this hairstyle until his next shower.



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