Tiny’s Story

Before Henry was born, he went by the name of “Tiny”. Adam and I didn’t find out the sex of the baby during our ultrasounds. The nickname of “Tiny” came early on in my pregnancy. I would often read about the baby’s development. Week by week, Tiny grew from a tiny sesame seed to a tiny blueberry, on and on until he became a tiny pumpkin and a tiny watermelon. At the end of the first trimester we also learned that the nickname of “Tiny” was even more applicable thanks to my uterine fibroid, a.k.a. “Beast”. Thankfully Beast didn’t impede Tiny’s growth; Tiny was born weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds at the end of week 38.


Adam’s sister, Amber, made Tiny this cute onesie which she gave to us at one of our baby showers. I’ve been waiting all summer for a day that’s cool enough for Henry to wear it, and crossing my fingers that that day comes before he outgrows it. That day couldn’t have come any later; Henry barely squeezed into this 3-6 month shirt at the age of 3 months and 1 day!

Henry and I, of course, had to commemorate the occasion with a mini photo session.





With the weather we’ve been having this week it seems like fall has officially arrived in Minnesota. Happy Fall!


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