Happy Hal-ROAR-ween!

Is this not the most adorable baby dinosaur you’ve ever seen?


Normally I don’t get excited for Halloween, or holidays in general I guess. Having Henry has encouraged me to get a little more festive when it comes to holidays.

I started thinking about Henry’s Halloween costume early knowing that I wanted to make one for him myself. Being the nerds that we are, I also knew I wanted him to go as something “nerdy”.

After looking around online, I came across this post at Rust and Sunshine for a dinosaur costume. She followed this tutorial for the dinosaur tail. Since Henry is an infant, I adjusted the sizing of the pieces to fit him better by making the circle only 6 inches in diameter and the rectangles only 19 inches long.

To make the hoodie, I cut diamond pieces of felt using my magic triangle cutting guides and sewed them down the center of the hood and back of the hoodie. Then I folded them and sewed them shut rather than cutting the hoodie down the center (as Rust and Sunshine did) or using fabric glue (as others did).


Like Rust and Sunshine, I felt that the front of the hoodie needed a bit more pizzazz so I added a few oblong circle pieces to the front. I considered adding them to the pants as well, but my sewing machine would have had a hard time reaching in through the leg opening and I didn’t have time to hand stitch them. Plus, I wanted the pants to be able to be used for normal everyday wear.


To up the cute factor even more, I cut and sewed some eyes onto the side of the hood.


This costume went together really quickly and was really easy. I cut the pieces one night before going to bed, and then did all of the sewing the next night after putting Henry to bed. Plus, it has held up really well to multiple washings. (Oh, the joys of spit up!) I’ve just been putting the hoodie in a garment bag so that our other clothes don’t snag on the spikes.


The tail also will be able to be reused. I’m so excited for Henry to use the tail for imaginative play when he gets older.

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