A Slice of Life – February 2015

Over the weekend, we took some time to photograph bits and pieces of our lives together as a family. While it’s fun to capture the moments when everyone is dressed in their finest outfits and in the perfect pose, I know that I’ll treasure the photos that show us living our normal lives just as much, if not more.

I’ll be reminded of how content Henry is to sit on his play mat surrounded by his favorite toys. How he likes to bang them together, raise them up and down, and see what they look like from a different angle.


I’ll be reminded that once Henry started rolling around, he began to enjoy being on his stomach. At this stage Henry liked to scratch at things to learn about their textures, and he wasn’t particularly fond of the gooey feeling of this sensory bag.


I’ll be reminded that Adam and Henry shared a special bond with one another, including a love for hoodies albeit for different reasons. (Adam for the comfort while Henry appreciates the strings and zippers.) They even dressed alike on occasion as they did this past Valentine’s Day.


I’ll be reminded of a little boy who had the patience to sit on his mama’s lap, and who love to read The Bear Books by Karma Wilson.


I’ll see little slivers of Henry’s personality shine through, and be reminded of the different ways Adam and I fooled around with him. Here we gave him a ribbon headband and it looked as if we had a daughter instead of a son for the few moments that it stayed on his head.



They certainly aren’t the best photos I’ve ever taken, but whatever isn’t quite right with the composition or exposure is made up for in the memories that each picture holds. Pictures like these will take me back to this particular slice of life in 2015.

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