Henry Meets a New Friend

I have been close friends with my friend Alisha since elementary school. We were in the same class from 2nd to 5th grade, and went to middle and high school together. We went to the same church and were in the same 4-H club. We played clarinet in the school band, went to summer camp together, and traveled to Germany together. It’s only fitting that we wound up being pregnant at the same time as well; our due dates were only 5 days apart. We gave birth only 3 days apart from each other.

While we were back in Eau Claire visiting family, we were also able to make a short visit to see Alisha, her husband Ben, and their son Colin.

It was a little eery to see how much the boys looked alike. Both have round faces with chubby cheeks and similarly shaped noses. They also were very close in weight and length.

IMG_0148We’re all so excited to have boys so close in age. Hopefully they will develop a friendship that lasts like mine and Alisha’s has.


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