Week 3: Learning Through Touch

Today is Adam’s first day back at work after 3 weeks off. That means it’s also my first full day at home with Henry. I’ve already spent a few hours here and there home alone with Henry while Adam ran some errands.

So far Henry and I have been having a great day together, especially in comparison to some of the days we’ve had in the past week. Henry has been peeling, which is not abnormal for newborns. However, because his new skin is more tender, he has gotten chapped. It’s especially prominent around his mouth and neck. All of this chafing has caused him to be much more crabby than normal–and rightfully so! He does seem to be on the mend now, and with it has come a much more easy-going baby.

My goal this week is to help Henry learn more about the world through his sense of touch. Henry and I played around with some of his linking rings to explore different textures. He was very intrigued by this ring with bumps on it.


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