Just for Fun

All parents like to have pictures of the fun moments with their children. The definition of fun though varies from person to person. For some families, it’s documenting family vacations and special outings. For others, it’s holidays and get-togethers. And for some, it’s capturing that fleeting moment when your child is dressed in their best outfit and everything is still clean and tucked in.

Here’s a snapshot of us having fun with Henry:

IMG_0167 IMG_0173

You might be asking how this came about. Henry’s first layers of skin have been peeling. The new skin is very tender and has become chapped from feedings. We’ve had to wipe his face with cotton and water, and then apply a little petroleum jelly to help it heal. Naturally, this was the next thing to happen.

I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hold the camera still, hence the slightly blurry pictures.

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